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The List Post: Your Guide to Writing a Blog Post That’s #1 In Popularity

When you sit down to plan and write your blog posts, do you ever wonder what is the most popular blog post format?

In this post I’ll show you what the most popular post is and give you a simple to follow guide to writing a post that will get you more traffic, likes, comments and shares.

Research shows that there is plenty of content being written and posted daily that is simply ignored.

And I know from experience… that it’s bummer when I see hardly anyone is reading my content when it feels like I spent an eternity both researching and writing a blog post

You know the feeling right?

You spend lots of time writing what you think is great content only to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere.

The folks over at BuzzSumo and MOZ  analyzed over a 1 million articles to see what content gets the most shares and links.

Here’s what they found:

popular post research from MOZImage & Research from

The number one type of post getting the most traction right now is the list post.

I still believe in the “how to post” as a great way to teach your audience something and I would not run out right now and only do list posts.  I think it is wise to have a variety of post types each month.  I tell my clients to do at least one video post per month and I teach them how to write a list post.

Here’s my simple guide to writing a blog post that’s # 1 in popularity:


When you follow each of these steps I’ve outlined below,  you’ll realize quickly easy it is to create a list post of curated content

1. Pick a topic

I have a general content plan set up by month where I follow a theme.  My theme for this month is writing and teaching my audience about the top blog post types.  My goal is to share the top blog post types that will generate traffic and show them how easy it is to write each type.

Research your keyword topic using buzzSumo. This is such a great tool to use to find out what your audience is interested in!  So say you are a branding expert you would go into BuzzSumo and type in the words Branding Tips and up pops a list of the most shared content.  Voila!

You then have a big list of topics that people actually interested in and that you can write from your own angle.

2.  Make a List

Write a list of those top posts on your subject found using either BuzzSumo, Google or Hashtagifyme.  You want to make your list into 10 or even 25.

Studies show that that these are popular numbers and don’t overwhelm your audience.

For example  The top 10 blog posts that will get you more traffic

3. Make Your List Readable

Make your list scan-able with the topic of each easily understandable.

Doing this makes it easy for people to look through your list and decide what parts they are interested in and want to read in more details.

Another tip is to keep your paragraphs short, no more than 3 sentences per paragraph.  Use bullet points and bold fonts to make it even easier to consume your content.

4.  Add an image for each item on your list

Adding images breaks up the monotony of a potentially long post and keeps your reader visually interested.

5.  Add an introduction

Remember what you learned in grade school about effective writing? You need to introduce your subject and give your reader a reason why they should read your post.

6.  Add your own thoughts and opinions

Don’t be afraid to state your opinion or even disagree with what someone else has written.  Your readers will find it interesting when you state an opinion.

Some of the posts that got the highest engagement is where my clients have written were where they disagreed with what someone else has written.

7.  Be conversational

DO NOT write your post in 3rd person.

Use words like you and I, talk to your readers like you have chatting with a good friend.  No one wants to read a text book – boring!

8.  Write a conclusion

Write something that ties your list post together…don’t leave your readers dangling.

9. Add a Call to Action

Don’t forget a call to action at the end of your post.

Ask them to comment or offer a way to subscribe to your mailing list. I’ve found that when I can offer a freebie that relates to the topic, my offer conversion improves.

Try your hand at writing a list post – you’ll find it a fun change from having to write everything on your own.  I’ve found that I end up learning more about my subject when gathering content and creating a list post.  So if there is something you want to write about this is a great way to learn more and to give your audience some valuable content.

I suggest adding a list post to your content plan at least once a month.  Then as you become more comfortable with this method of writing, you can do it more often and even add a list post of curated content to your weekly schedule.

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