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I thought I was in my dream job, working at Microsoft making the most money I had ever made working as a contractor in the marketing department of the Entertainment & Devices division.
Boy was I wrong! In reality, I had less influence and impact than I had in than ever before in my career. One day I was sitting a meeting with my boss and he was issuing orders for the project I was in charge of not to me but to the admin on the team who was a full time employee, not a contractor.
I couldn’t believe it, I had never been treated like this before in my career… I had always been the best as what I did and my bosses treated me with respect. Here I was being treated like a second class employee and not given the opportunity to make an impact.
In that moment I knew I needed to be in a job where I could make a contribution, a difference and be a partner. I vowed to myself that I would never work again for someone who did not value me or want to listen to my thoughts or ideas.

Yes, I was making more money than ever before, but was it worth it?

I ended up feeling frustrated, discouraged and unhappy because making an impact and being an influencer was what gave me the juice and this was missing.

I began looking around for other positions in the company and discovered that there were none to be found that offered me the opportunity I was seeking. Then the Great Recession came along and along with the majority of other contractors I was laid off.

I took a hard look at what I was doing and who I wanted to be…

I realized at the core of everything I wanted to make a difference, to be an influencer and make an impact in helping people build their businesses.

Fast forward to today…

I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Bottom Line… It’s All About You Being Seen… And Heard

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It...

Kristen and her team were right there with me from start to finish.

Not only did I get an AMAZING website they were responsive with all of my requests / changes along the way and worked to make everything 100% awesome. I’m beyond thrilled with my site and recommend Kristen and her team wholeheartedly.

Tina Forsyth


My phone is ringing, my list is consistently growing and I’ve been able to make more money every year I have worked with her.

Todd Creager


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